Pymatuning Classic 2015

Allegheny Mtn Bass Classic Pymatuning May 2nd & 3rd 2015

1. Bernie Lazor & Ron Bimeal                12 fish            28.20

2 Jim Smith & Chuck Vivis                     12 fish           26.05

3 Jeff Miller & Bill Gorzelsky                 12 fish            25.40

4 Chuck Aurandt & Hollywood              12 fish            24.50

5 Mike Vivis & Pete Brinzo                     12 fish             23.70

6 Bill Mikas & Dave Palko                      12 fish             23.35

7 Pat Cotchen & Jim Erb                        12 fish              17.30

Lunker Jim Smith & Chuck Vivis 4.15 Largemouth


1st  Ron Bimeal & Bernie Lazor                      2nd Jim Smith & Chuck Vivis


3rd Jeff Miller & Bill Gorzelsky                    4th Chuck Aurandt & Hollywood


5th Pete Brinzo & Mike Vivis                  6th Bill Mikas & Dave Palko

IMG_2986    IMG_2981

7th Jim Erb & Pat Cotchen                          Lunker Chuck Vivis & Jim Smith


Saturday May 2nd

IMG_2961  IMG_2981

Saturday May 2nd


Saturday May 2nd


Saturday May 2nd Weigh In


Saturday May 2nd Weigh In


Saturday May 2nd Weigh In


Dinner Saturday at the Spillway Inn

IMG_2963     IMG_2967


20150502_173808_2_resized     IMG_2967

IMG_2968    IMG_2969

Calm day on Pymatuning Sunday May 3rd

IMG_2975    IMG_2976

IMG_2945   IMG_2947

At the motel                                                                            Playing cards Friday night

It was a great Classic lot of fish were caught and all had a great time on Pymatuning and at the motel.

We all look forward to the next years classic.  Wishing everyone a safe , healthy and great season this year.