CLUB NEWS AND EVENTS updated 10/22

Congratulations to Charlie Orsargos for First Place, Angler of the Year and Lunker. Charlie had a great year also Angler of the year for Districk 4.  Also Congratulations to the remaining top 6 in the Club 2nd Mike Vivis, 3rd Pete Brinzo, 4th Rod Derricott, 5th Alex Nicoletti, 6th Dave Palko.  Was another great season lot of fish caught and lot of good times were had looking forward to next year to do it again.

The 2018 Tournament Schedule was discussed at the Oct Meeting we have a tentative schedule as of now. We could not make schedule final because we don`t have any firm dates for State and District Tournaments. We hope to make the Schedule Final at the November Meeting the 3rd Monday in November. 

The Club Christmas Party for this year will be held at Anthonys on Bedford St in Johnstown on Saturday Dec 16th Advise Dennis Kirkpatrick if you will be going and how many.   @ 814-533-1568

All club member dues must be paid by the October meeting the dues are to be paid to the Treasurer in the amount of $110.00  $50 TBF , $40 State, and $20 for the Club. If dues are not paid by Dec 31st there will be a $10 penalty for late fee to be paid to the State.

Congratulations go out to Charlie Orsargos for being Angler of the Year for District 4  Great Job Charlie.  Congrats also go out to Allegheny Mtn Bass for being club of the year for District 4.

At the Yough Dam district 4 tournament Caleb Palko took 2nd Place as a rider with 3.37 lbs.  and Mike Vivis took 3rd Place as a boater with 7.20 lb.