2021 Buddy Tournament Results and pictures updated 8/18

1st Josh Butterbaugh 11.92 & Lunker 4.29 Largemouth
2nd George Kazemchak & Mike Coscia 9.83
3rd Kyle & Mark Knol 8.14
4th John Hritsko & Mike Hassen 7.28 Mike wasn`t present for picture
5th Jim Smith & Rod Derricott 6.78

1st Brad & Butch Vinlish 9.66

2nd Tim Bodenschatz & Colin Moore 7.15
3rd Gerry Britton & Vince Williams not present 6.57
4th Jason Wagner & Scott Fleming 5.52
Lunker Gerry Britton 3.72 Largemouth

The June 27th tournament was dedicated in the Memory Of John Roles who fished the buddy and Thursday night lunker tournaments. John passed away this past year from the corona virus he will be missed by all.

1st Place Sam Benslosky & Mike Tribus 12.44
2nd Place Jason Wagner & Scott Fleming 11.70
3rd Mark & Gary Weinzierl 11.66
Lunker Josh Buterbaugh 4.70 Largemough